the Great Woman

If I could wipe the slate clean, how would I define ‘the great woman’?  How would she behave, how would she dress, condition her body, maintain her health, manage her relationships, her finances, her time?  From the vantage point of middle-age, I have some years of experimentation, success and failure to draw upon – and it’s not over yet.  Can I still achieve greatness?  Can you?  Let’s see.


The phrase usually begins with ‘Behind every great man …’.  This blog will focus on the makings of a great woman, being a great woman, examining the greatness of women, and if a woman is to be great what can or should she let go of.  And if there is a great man behind her, well, we’ll take a look at him too.

A real-live Rosie the Riveter.  They were great women.

Published by thegreatwomanblog

A collection of musings from one woman in search of the great life.

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