Audrey reading


Some new things to distract you:


Rework:  Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have written one of these new kinds of  books where it is one salient point per chapter, so many short (and I mean short, some just a page) chapters, which is precisely what I like in a book that is passing on personal experience.  I don’t need 300 pages.  Short, get to the point = sweet.

War of Art: If you’re putting off what you really should be doing with your life (the one thing you will certainly regret on your deathbed) then this is the book for you.  Written in a similar fashion (in fact, before) Rework, one bit of brilliance per short chapter. It helps you to acknowledge why you are not doing the thing you must do, and helps you to do it.  I think of it every time I’m frittering my time away when I really just want to write the Great Woman.


Her Brilliant Career:  When I think of women in the ’50s I picture suburbs, formica counter tops and frustrated women making jellied salad.  This book traces the lives of 10 fabulous and not famous women who had remarkable careers at a time when it was anything but easy.  There is even a race car driver!  Great women then, now, and always.


Pilates, pilates and more pilates:  There are a million pilates videos on YouTube and I’ve been focusing on about five of these lately.  It has certainly taken a while for me to master many of the exercises.  I did pilates about 10 years ago and loved it but it does take some time before you can do some of the most basic exercises because they are hard.  Hard but effective.  So if you’ve got 10 or 20 minutes a day give it a try.  Your core and leg strength improves dramatically and, at least in my case, has had a positive impact on my overall energy, walking speed and just overall feeling of wellness.

No-poo – an update

It worked well but I gotta say my hair got pretty dry.  I switched for a while to a combination of aloe vera, glycerin and water.  My hair looked amazing but my scalp was pretty itchy.  It looked amazing because it was so smooth and had an incredibly lift at the scalp – but my scalp was itchy and I felt like I was adding layers of ‘coating’ to my scalp.  So, I gave that a shampoo with the Bioscal shampoo and while that felt great initially, my hair reverted to being oily quickly and rather flat.  So, not to be defeated, I am trying a cleansing balm from L’Oreal’s  Ever Creme line of no sulphate hair products.  I’ve just started using it and so it’s too early to judge.  I like that fact that it doesn’t lather so no detergents, my hair is incredibly smooth – not fluffy, frizzy or flyaway.  The real test is how oily my scalp will get.  Keep you posted.  I will not give up on Bioscal scalp treatments and highly recommend that product for anyone with thinning hair.  Over 40 years of experience and loyal customers, of which I am one.


Eating a lot of smoked oysters – packed with Omega 3s.


I have found so many great podcasts from men (Tim Ferriss, James Altucher) but not so many hosted by women.  BBC’s the Woman’s Hour is pretty good but it is more of a magazine style and I like the long deep conversation.  Stuff Mom Never Told You does go in-depth but it has a very distinct format that I find formulaic and so I can’t listen too often.  I am on the hunt so if you find any please do share!