The Great Woman Weekend May 19

Women express their greatness in many ways.  Here’s one. I love that she looks “forward”. (via Cup of Jo)

I cannot believe women are mandated to wear high heels anywhere any more.  Alas, this nonsense will continue until we all just stop playing this game.

As much as I like Margaret Howell‘s women’s clothes, I really love her menswear.

If you find satisfaction in the saying ‘Don’t get mad, get even’  then you’ll enjoy this book.  I think this is my fourth reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!



The Great Woman Weekend – May 12

Strictly speaking the products and the philosophy behind this company have nothing to do with great women or women at all – it’s just so amazing how almost everything in this world has been developed to meet the needs of the white male.  Until now.

Elon Musk’s mother is one Great Woman. (via Swissmiss)

Female military pilots speaking about ‘being the first‘.  The common compulsion was to keep their heads down and just fit in.

I could listen to this Great Woman for hours.  Experienced, intelligent, gracious, funny, direct – what more could you ask for?

If you aren’t already an Isabella Rossellini fan – now she’s raising chickens!

For those of you caught up in the Mother’s Day frenzy, the founder’s vision has been lost to the profiteering of the usual suspects.  All I want from my children is unabashed adulation.  🙂

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The celebrification of weddings

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The realization that personal data is being used in unimaginable ways may have finally awoken a sleeping giant, namely the gazillions of people who have compromised privacy for a sort of celebrification (not a real word but it works) of the important but fairly standard stages of their lives.  Social media has raised the stakes on personal and family rituals and traditions like weddings, births, coming of age, and even vacations.  With the ratcheting up has come a crazy and exponential expenditure of dollars against all these commonplace activities.  People have got married for centuries and only the very rich would typically pour money into the venture, mostly as a means to display the combined wealth (and power) of the families coming together.  In the post social media world of today, average people with average earnings are required to achieve a celebrity-level status of excess so that their Instagram will not look impoverished beside say, Prince Harry’s.

Becoming enslaved to social media personas is dramatically affecting the financial basis upon which couples typically rely to build their family’s financial stability.  It starts early, folks, and if you don’t think it does then you’ve missed one of the most important life lessons.  When I hear about engaged couples planning a getaway wedding that requires wedding guests to donate not just a week of their limited vacation time (and in North America that can be as little as two weeks per year for a very long time), but the full payment of the flight and hotel, add to that a wedding present, plus whatever you have to wear (bridesmaids are particularly on the hook) and you have a significant contribution to a downpayment on a home, investment in a start-up, or contribution to a retirement savings plan.

I would like to see a return to normalcy in all things private and personal – forget the engagement photos – no one cares what you looked like when you got engaged.  We want to see your kids playing and screaming and filthy – not posed and perched with an outfit no self-respecting 8 month old would choose for themselves.

My hope is that the revelations around privacy will bring a collective return to some appreciation of celebrations that are human-scaled and special because they are not the privy to the circumspection of the masses.

And so with that scolding (apologies since it likely came off as just that) here are the 5 things NOT to do when planning your wedding:

  1. Engagement photos – these are so artificial and useless I can’t imagine why they’ve caught on.
  2. Destination weddings – it’s your honeymoon not your family and friends, so get married where it is most convenient for others.
  3. Multiple course meals – everyone just wants to dance so cut the multi-course meal, set-up a buffet and get to the fun.
  4. Receiving lines – these are truly awful!  The wedding couple should make the rounds and say hello and thank you.  People waiting in line to shake your hand and say you look great is just a huge waste of time.  Remember, it’s all about the dancing.
  5. Weddings – forget the wedding and just have the party.  If you’re not religious then what really is the point?

While I am anti-wedding I am not anti-romance.  Let’s not confuse the two.


The Great Woman Weekend – May 5

I wake up in the middle of the night all the time and have trouble getting back to sleep.  I’m trying out this breathing method from Dr. Weil. (via Swissmiss)

More on sleep (I am obsessed) from the sleep doctor interviewed on The Kevin Rose Show.  I am now aiming for 9 hours because it’s just that important.

And I complain because my name is so boring – try getting through the day with this name!

Is this the all-in-one miracle cooking machine?

I’m watching the Alienist on Netflix and loving the great female character played by a no-nonsense Dakota Fanning.

Men dress like this everyday – why don’t more women?

Have a lovely weekend!


The Great Woman Weekend

The influence of cycling on women’s clothing.  Wish my city was safe enough to cycle without a helmet!

What I’m reading:  The psychology behind Wonder Woman and why she is one of the few female superheroes who has endured.

Real clothes for real women – follow Great Woman Approved on Pinterest!

The Wim Hof method might just change your life.  Here’s the app.  I just did the breathing exercise and it was amazing. If you want to try it watch this first!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Great Woman Weekend

A few fun reads and videos to kick start your weekend!

A common sense approach to eating right

A very positive shift in thinking around hair for women of colour.

Don’t want to have children?  That’s perfectly normal.

Baby elephants who want to be lap dogs.

A wake up for me – Microaggressions are a problem

What kind of leader are you? (via swissmiss)


Have a wonderful weekend!

The Great Woman Weekend


A grandmother’s wisdom in 19 great truths.  A reminder to me of how much I have yet to learn

I’ll be kicking off my weekend with a classic Tom Collins only with lime not lemon.

The Japanese craze for doing the splits.  Are you up for it?

I’m watching How to get away with murder on Netflix, and loving it.

My Great Woman Approved board on Pinterest is growing.  Have a look and then why not follow?

Two of my favourite men together in perfect harmony.

Have a wonderful weekend!