The Great Woman Weekend – May 12

Strictly speaking the products and the philosophy behind this company have nothing to do with great women or women at all – it’s just so amazing how almost everything in this world has been developed to meet the needs of the white male.  Until now.

Elon Musk’s mother is one Great Woman. (via Swissmiss)

Female military pilots speaking about ‘being the first‘.  The common compulsion was to keep their heads down and just fit in.

I could listen to this Great Woman for hours.  Experienced, intelligent, gracious, funny, direct – what more could you ask for?

If you aren’t already an Isabella Rossellini fan – now she’s raising chickens!

For those of you caught up in the Mother’s Day frenzy, the founder’s vision has been lost to the profiteering of the usual suspects.  All I want from my children is unabashed adulation.  🙂

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The Great Woman Weekend

The influence of cycling on women’s clothing.  Wish my city was safe enough to cycle without a helmet!

What I’m reading:  The psychology behind Wonder Woman and why she is one of the few female superheroes who has endured.

Real clothes for real women – follow Great Woman Approved on Pinterest!

The Wim Hof method might just change your life.  Here’s the app.  I just did the breathing exercise and it was amazing. If you want to try it watch this first!

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The Great Woman Weekend

A few fun reads and videos to kick start your weekend!

A common sense approach to eating right

A very positive shift in thinking around hair for women of colour.

Don’t want to have children?  That’s perfectly normal.

Baby elephants who want to be lap dogs.

A wake up for me – Microaggressions are a problem

What kind of leader are you? (via swissmiss)


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The Great Woman Weekend


A grandmother’s wisdom in 19 great truths.  A reminder to me of how much I have yet to learn

I’ll be kicking off my weekend with a classic Tom Collins only with lime not lemon.

The Japanese craze for doing the splits.  Are you up for it?

I’m watching How to get away with murder on Netflix, and loving it.

My Great Woman Approved board on Pinterest is growing.  Have a look and then why not follow?

Two of my favourite men together in perfect harmony.

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Women of action

Amelia like illustration
Not a Laurence Fellows illustration but a rare one of a woman dressed for more than shopping

Nothing says action like sitting down!  That said, at least she is dressed for action.  I have recently found myself scrolling (for hours) through Pinterest captivated by fashion illustrations from the first half of the 20th century, and largely focused on the menswear illustrator Laurence Fellows.  I have @GreyFox to thank for the introduction – as I do for so many insights and explorations into men’s style.

LF shorts
A fine example of a Laurence Fellows illustration – the detail (espadrilles!) and style are glorious


As noted by the Grey Fox, the gentlemen depicted in Fellow’s illustrations are largely, older, incredibly dapper, dressed appropriately for each activity, and I have to say – extremely fit.  In an ideal world for men, they all would be 6’1″, broad shoulders slim hips, and just enough muscle to do a few laps in an Olympic-sized pool before cocktails.  Here are a few fine examples of the man he portrays:


Laurence Fellows swimsuit
Note the grey hair and receding hairline.
LF fit getting dressed
Looking mighty fine in his boxers

And then at work:

man at work
No apologies for age



As with so many things on the internet, one obsession leads to another, and I was determined to find the equivalent for women – to absolutely no avail.  Lovely illustrations of young women in beautiful dresses, lounging, shopping are everywhere,


and then this one of a young lady struggling to get out of a car:


LF woman and car
This skirt is too long and tight

A woman does need a few role models and while these were not found in fashion they were around in real life with women like these:

Ladies in tennis trousers
No, we’re not smiling for the camera
Ladies in 20s suit
I’ll stand on top of this building cause I feel like it
Anne Marie
Annemarie Schwarzenbach, the adventurer, and clearly doing her own thing

If you think about advertising today, not much has changed.  In the real world, women are operating in virtually every field at all levels (not so much at the very top) and yet most depictions are delivered through the male gaze – or at least, what we believe to be the male gaze.  I wonder if men find the images of made-up 15 year olds as attractive and alluring as we believe?  I give them more credit.

We know that all women love to see a grey-haired model wearing beautiful clothes and living an interesting, engaging life, because we’re all going in that direction.  Like I did on my browsing binge, you have to look for the images that inspire you.  Of course, you will always find them here.

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The Grey Fox is a terrfic blog presenting the stylish older man, suitable for all men.

The Gentlemen’s Gazette, another style blog for men.

The Great Woman weekend

A few things to catch up on this weekend. Some mind-blowing (Cindy Gallop interview), some illuminating (women drinking too much), women have been in STEM for decades (Beatrice Shilling and Mercury 13).

How did I not know about this podcast?

Role Models podcast

The Role Models Podcast: The Role Models Podcast is a series of interviews that captures and shares the stories of inspiring women. These are far-reaching conversations with female leaders we look up to. We discuss how they got to where they are – including the lessons they’ve learned, the decisions they’ve made, and the challenges they’ve tackled.  And start with this one with Cindy Gallop – a dose of straight talking.

Cindy Gallop interview

Thanks to the wonderful blog swissmiss for the introduction.

Why are women drinking so much?

arnold palmer drink
The Arnold Palmer = tea and lemonade

Giving up alcohol opened my eyes to the infuriating truth about why women drink

A role model for all girls and women.

Beatrice Tilly Shilling


Beatrice Shilling – Electrical Engineer who solved WWII airplane troubles.

Pilots and astronauts way back in the ’60s.


Mercury 13, the group of women to whom NASA gave the same training as astronauts.