Now – July 2016

These are some things I’ve got underway right now.  I’ll update as time goes on.  Hope you find them interesting.


Deskbound: standing up to a sitting world by Dr. Kelly Starrett.

I’ve already shifted to 50% at a standing desk but he is suggesting even less time sitting and more focus on mobility.  Really good stuff.


22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Violate them at your own risk by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Someone should update this book with current brands. That said, the lessons in this book are amazing and have clarified/changed my thinking on many things.  Only wish I’d read it in 1993 when it was first published.  Where would I be now?


Deep tissue stretching

Thanks to my dancer daughter I am doing an intense series of stretches that are so deeply felt I have a surge of heat and then complete exhaustion afterwards.  Man, I am tight.



Yes, I’ve made the leap away from shampoo and have crossed the week threshold without absolutely having to take baking soda to my hair.  My hair has never felt so good.  That along with regular treatments from my Bioscal scalp treatment and my hair is in great shape.  More to come on both.



Following the discussions via Tim Ferriss Blog on the benefits of a ketogenic diet.  I believe I’m following the less extreme option, the modified Atkins diet and feel more satisfied after eating and less likely to snack on crap.



I first stumbled upon the Art of Manliness blog and podcast out of an interest in the history and traditions around menswear.  Brett covers that and so much more.  Great reading and listening about character, success, values and helping today’s man become the great man.  It may be targeted to men but I love it too.